About La Familia

La Familia Dominguez

My Father is Pablo Dominguez Sr.

My Mother is Luz Dominguez Aguinaga

Many families demonstrate some or another form of artistic ability, whether it be cooking, sewing, drawing, construction, auto restoration, music, etc…

Definition of ART   

1: skill acquired by experience, study, or observation <the art of making friends>

My brothers and sisters and I grew up in a home filled with artistic activities. My father was either painting, drawing, sketching, cooking, or making something out of clay, wood, recycled materials you name it.  My mother was busy with her crochet needles creating intricate doilies, vests and hats, canning goods from our garden and cooking up so many delicious things to eat.  As kids we couldn’t help but be influenced by all this creativity going on around us.  As each of us grew up and had families of our own, I’ve noticed the artistic creativity in our children and our mates.  In this blog I want to showcase my family’s artistic work, so that others can enjoy it as much as I have.

These photographs don’t do justice to the real thing, they merely give us a glimpse through the key hole of the gallery door.

Please enjoy your visit to the artistic familia gallery.

Con mucho carino para mi familia (with much love for my family)

Maria Cristina Kent-Dominguez, Gallery Curator

14 thoughts on “About La Familia

  1. i come from a family in which (it seems) half of us got the ability to draw and paint and half didn’t. Alas, I’m in the latter half! It’s nice to see a family art collection, thank you for sharing the works of your talented family!

    • Laura thank you for visiting and enjoying our art. Art is the ability to do something skillfully and it seems you have a beautiful skill with food & cooking I am really excited about your blog and using your recipes.

  2. Cristina;
    I have been a long time admirer of your father’s work. Not only of his artistic talent but also of his incredible dedication and love to his family. My admiration extends to all of the dominquez familia.
    A person who grew up with black and white TV, visualizing a website with a gallery of beautiful works Is quite remarkable and awesome

    Thank you for allowing me to ride on this journey

    • Alicia,
      I will be sure to share your compliments with my parents. I can’t really take the credit for this website idea. My brother in law David Underwood suggested it years ago to me and Graciela his wife. I thought someone else with more electronic knowledge should take the reigns and run with it, but no one did (I never told them this is what I thought, so how could they). Years later my Friend Lawanda Decker introduced me to wordpress via her http://www.cookat350.wordpress.com , she asked me to help her. I didn’t really want to be involved, because I thought it was too over my head and would be time consuming. Instead of turning her down I reluctantly said ok. After my first post, I was hooked and learned so much about how to set up the site. A door was opened for me to share the artisticfamilia gallery with the world. It has been very rewarding to see my familia’s art displayed.

      Thank you for riding along on this journey with us!

  3. We have a family full of artists as well. It is like being a family of super heros….all those special powers floating around. (I know, quite an imagination.) Glad to get to know you!

  4. What an extraordinary and varied range of interests and talents! And what a great idea, to set up a blog about your family’s artistic collective journey.

    I’m really looking forward to reading the artist biographies when they go up.

    • Thanks John S. I too am looking forward to reading them, I think I better get started asking everyone for a short bio, I was so caught up in requesting art that I put off the bios. Your comments have ignited the fire and got me going thanks again.

  5. Great website! The best I have seen on the internet for some time. Your family is very talented and you have every reason to be proud.

    Thanks for the peek.

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